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Are you wondering about heart rate variability, heart rate monitors or how the autonomic nervous system works? As a member of Pulskuren, you have the opportunity to submit questions. Here on the blog, I, and occasionally other experts in their field, accept the questions you have about pulse measurement, lifestyle and health.

Questions with a screenshot of the daily curve or other concrete results that we can discuss will be prioritized. State your gender and age, as well as the circumstances surrounding the measurements/theme, and anything else relevant in connection with your question.

You remain anonymous on the blog, no names are published. Only the question/topic, gender and age are published. The inquiries that are most relevant to the greatest number of people are given priority. Use the contact form below.

Thank you for asking questions and contributing to increased knowledge about preventive health! Together we get better.

This blog has become very popular, interesting questions are flowing in on a continuous basis! Unfortunately, it is impossible to answer more than a small selection of them. You are therefore encouraged to post the question in the Pulskuren main arena as well, or another relevant group. If your question is personal, you can rephrase it so that you get the answer you want without revealing sensitive information. This applies especially if it is urgent to get an answer.

Regards, Dr. Torkil

PS: Many people ask which heart rate monitor they should buy. It is important to clarify that the technology is developing rapidly. is not affiliated with any brands, and we have decided not to give specific buying advice. However, there are groups in here where you can read about other people’s experiences and share your own.

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When circumstances are beyond our control

I have two children with ADHD (Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder) and DMDD (disruptive mood dysregulation disorder). I have been partially on sick leave since the summer and burned out for many years. What should I do?

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