Published March 17. 2024

The pulse cure and understanding your HRV with dr. Torkil Færo

– What if you could see the toll that over-work, too much sugar, alcohol or bad sleep really have on your body?

– What if you knew what boosts your energy, and what saps it, what impacts your sleep quality and when you are heading for burnout?

– What if you could feel more vitality and joy, have stronger will power and live longer?

With the aid of your phone, smartwatch or a wearable heart rate monitor you can. The key lies in measuring your heart rate variability – the distance between your heart beats – which indicates what is happening in your autonomic nervous system. Tuning into your heart rate variability can show you how your personal constitution reacts to specific stressors and help you tailor what you need to do to recharge.

Torkil is a general practitioner and emergency doctor, documentary filmmaker, author, photographer and globetrotter. As a medical student, he was the first to go abroad for Norwegian Doctors Without Borders when he worked in war-torn Angola in 1996. Through 25 years as a freelance doctor, he has worked in municipalities all over the Norway, had tens of thousands of consultations and gained a unique picture of the diseases that plague us. 

Through his work, Torkil learned that the cause is most often found in a lifestyle that stresses our body, which became the driving force behind the pulse cure. 

In this episode of @onethirtybiohacks, we dive into how you can optimise you health by monitoring your Heart Rate Variability and thus get a better understanding of what really stresses your nervous system. Torkil also shares some of the many learnings and insights he has gained over the years working with thousands of people through the puls cure community. 

The pulse cure book is available in Norwegian and English, and will be published in Danish in May 2024.

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